Turbotax export data

When you complete your tax return, it is necessary to transfer tax data file to another device too. And Turbotax export data to other devices. This ensures your tax return data safety and availability at times of need.

How to export data from turbotax?

After filing tax return using turbotax, save the tax data file on your computer. Downloading tax data file facilitates easy access to tax information locally on your computer. Also, you can easily get your turbotax data file saved into your computer –

  1. First of all, login your turbotax account.
  2. Then, click on the ‘Tax tools’ option, Under left menu, tap the ‘Tools’.
  3. Now, download the tax return, select the ‘Save your 2023 return to your computer’.
  4. This will download tax data file with name- ‘taxReturn.tax2023’.
  5. Save this file at particular location on turbotax desktop, this will save the tax data file.
  6. Turbotax export data now, refer the file as and when required in near future.

How to export tax data to other computer?

Save a copy of your tax data file on another computer too. Having a file ready on another device will save you in cases you lost the file. Along with this, tax data file will get you all the tax forms ready with you. With Turbotax export data to other PC –

  • Go ahead with these points to securely move your tax data file to another computer, while avoiding any data corruption –
  • Insert a portable device to your computer and copy the tax data file.
  • Eject the device and connect the device to another PC.
  • Now, search for the Tax data file on the device folder on new PC.
  • Thereafter, launch turbotax.
  • Open your tax data file on the turbotax platform.


  • Ensure to install turbotax prior to copying tax data file on new computer.
  • Ready with a portable device with enough space to accommodate tax data file.
  • If the file you transferred get corrupted then remove it from your device as well as from the computer.

Why do I export tax details from turbotax?

It is necessary to export tax details to another device, for quick reference to tax details, if lost turbotax data from your device. This will provide you each minute details related to tax forms, schedules and other documents in your tax return.
Also, it gives you access to tax details if deleted turbotax software from your device.
While doing taxes ahead in near future you can easily refer to the information saved on your computer. Additionally, it protects your data from corruption.
This will get you the most essential information in your hands. For future references it holds much value.

With the tax data file you can get all things ready with you for tax form filing ahead in upcoming tax filing season. Also, it facilitates tax information access getting all things ready for you. With the utmost secure steps and avoiding data corruption on your turbotax software. Besides, you can make your access easier and tax filing more appropriate.